Succulent Shopping

After I got off work today…err I left work early today and went succulent shopping.

I’ve been scouring the internet all week trying to find the best places. I found an amazing wholesale places, but it’s 6 hrs away and only open M-F. I’ve been to some specialty places up in the city, but then seemed over priced. The two places on my list for this evening were Orchard Supply and Lowes.

Orchard Supply was a bust. Small selection, higher cost (than Lowes), and the succulents just didn’t as pretty as the ones at Lows.

HOWEVER, I did purchase perhaps my favorite one (string of pearls) there:

photo 2

AND fell in love with this little beauty (which unfortunately was out of the budget, it was in a fancy (ugly) post that jacked up the cost).

photo 3

Lowe’s was surprisingly great. Huge selection, good prices and succulent size range. They have tiny baby ones ($2 a pop) and more mature fuller sized ones ($10-12). So I bought some, a shovel, and dirt.

Now i’m blogging because I can”t do anything with them because I am going shopping for planters tomorrow and having my “planting party” Sunday.

Now I wait.



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