Indoor Planting with Manhattan’s Elite

Errands took FOREVER today, I blame Fleet Week and Obama.  By the time I finally got home and made dinner it was dark out. So it made more since to plant indoors (misquote free) whilst watching Gossip Girl, because what goes better with succulents that the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite?

Shifting my hand through good clean dirt was amazingly fun. I don’t know the last time I really got my hands dirty. Tonights goal wasn’t to create any master pieces, but just to replant some of the bigger succulents I purchased yesterday.

As first I was careful and delicate with the roots, and then I got a little rough with them. I’ll have too keep you posted if it was traumatic to the succulents or not. Also, I did NOT water these guys. EVERYTHING I have read says to not over water. The soil seemed extra moist, the planters doesn’t have drainage hole, it seemed best to not water. The apartment looks like a greenhouse. Dirt got everywhere. I have off-white carpet, not one of my smarter moments.

Overly excited for tomorrow though. Can I make succulents look pretty? I don’t know, but I started this blog with the hope of being able to create something beautiful from them.



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