Sunday’s Succulent Planting Party

After a delicious brunch up in the city (lemon custard french toast, yeah it was really great) it was succulent time.

There was a place that @julrae and I wanted to check out, Sloat Garden Center. Their plants were great, their succulents looked a little beat, perhaps it’s this Indian Summer that’s getting to them. I’ve read succulents don’t prefer radical changes, and let me tell you, it was freaking hot up there. This coming from a Texas gal whos used to 100+ for weeks.

While the selection wasn’t the best, we did pick up a few additional succulents and @julrae purchased a few pots. Then we got to planting. 

My first two to plant were more masculine. I wrapped twine (jute) around candle holders. I think they turned out well, they would make good gifts for a guy. Im going to put them on my desk at work. The colors kind of match my current jobs colors.

Next up is my beloved pink tea tin. Not only am i obsessed with this tin, the tea in it was also delicious! I think it turned out well, ya?

image 6

You know Capri Blue candle from Anthro? Well if you put boiling water in it once youve finished burning it, the gold peals off. At first i was disappointed, but then I realized how beautiful it was etched. I immediately knew i wanted this one to have a beach-y vibe. I layered white sand with crushed shells. Not this question lies in can a succulent grown in just sand? You guess is as good as mine. …there is a tiny, and I do mean tiny bit of soil in there, but mostly just sand.


The next ones weren’t quite as fun. But look at the roots on this little guy:

Succulent Decor_01_10-11-14

Love him!

Again, I did NOT water any of these after planting. Everything online made me deathly afraid of over watering, so if something dies it’s not going to be from rotten roots.

peace and love



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